Origins of PsiAN

PsiAN was formed following a multidisciplinary conference in Chicago in Jan 2017, focused on the value, and the concerning threats, to psychodynamic psychotherapy/psychoanalysis.  Our key note speakers were Jonathan Shedler and Robert Whitaker.  Todd Essig, Bert Karon and Oksana Yakushko presented, as did Meiram Bendat, a lawyer and psychoanalyst who challenges insurance companies and their denials of mental health treatment.  We also heard from former insurance industry lobbyists, and a state congressman, among others.  The conference helped to ignite many of us who are familiar with the evidence on the short and long-term efficacy of psychodynamic therapy, yet are seeing it marginalized, rationed, and incorrectly subordinated to shorter-term, manualized therapies and/or meds.

Part of our vision in starting PsiAN entails connecting with like-minded folks around the country who are already doing the work — practicing, teaching and advocating for the kind of treatment that helps many people transform their lives.  We hope to amplify the strength of our voices by joining together, so that psychodynamic psychotherapy has a place at the table when significant decisions are being made.

If you are interested in protecting and promoting the accessibility and availability of psychotherapy that puts the therapist-client relationship at the heart of the treatment, please join us!


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