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The American Psychological Association claims it is helping psychologists and patients by creating an official position regarding which treatments work for PTSD. The problem is that this guideline did not take into account the evidence for intensive “talk therapy” and for other treatments that have helped countless thousands of traumatized people get back on their feet and change their lives. In fact, it’s likely that this guideline will restrict those forms of therapy by giving insurers, clinics and policy makers a justification for denying coverage for all but the mostly short-term, structured and symptom-focused treatments they advocate. Help us preserve patients’ right to choose from among the many forms of effective treatment for PTSD! Please sign the petition to the APA’s Council of Representatives included below, and if you’re a member of APA or any of its affiliates, or if you’re a mental health professional in any discipline, please note that in the comments section!
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Our blog is up and running!

Since the inception of PsiAN, we’ve planned to maintain a blog on this site, and now that we’re up and running, what better time to post our inaugural offering than on the (almost) first birthday of our organization?  Since many of our members are psychotherapists, we figured that they would have a sense of the importance of history — personal and social — and thus wouldn’t mind a tour through the backstory leading up to PsiAN’s formation.  Actually, I’m feeding two birds with one millet spray here (or whatever a bird-lover’s version of the phrase would be)  — one of our speakers was ill and couldn’t attend our conference, leaving us to scramble for a pinch-hitter.  And since that person never emerged, I ended up using that slot to provide an overview of the conference whose culmination was the inception of PsiAN.  Because I somehow never managed to follow up and send it to the people who requested copies, I herewith absolve myself of my own nagging guilt by publishing the talk as our first blog post, while in the meanwhile I  hope that it can give our members a sense of the excitement of our gathering, as well as a reminder of the urgency of PsiAN’s mission.   — Nancy Burke Continue reading “Our blog is up and running!”

Origins of PsiAN

PsiAN was formed following a multidisciplinary conference in Chicago in Jan 2017, focused on the value, and the concerning threats, to psychodynamic psychotherapy/psychoanalysis.  Our key note speakers were Jonathan Shedler and Robert Whitaker.  Todd Essig, Bert Karon and Oksana Yakushko presented, as did Meiram Bendat, a lawyer and psychoanalyst who challenges insurance companies and their denials of mental health treatment.  We also heard from former insurance industry lobbyists, and a state congressman, among others.  The conference helped to ignite many of us who are familiar with the evidence on the short and long-term efficacy of psychodynamic therapy, yet are seeing it marginalized, rationed, and incorrectly subordinated to shorter-term, manualized therapies and/or meds.
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